Winter Wear

Summer is over, but trampolines can be enjoyed all year round. This blog looks at a few accessories All Trampolines sell to protect your trampoline through the winter and keep it in great condition.


Anchor Kits

Avoid finding your trampoline in your neighbours’ garden! Our range of anchor kits suit a variety of sizes, and is ideal for windy weather.  The heavy duty cork-screw anchors twist into the ground and provide secure grounding.


Plum 12ft Trampoline Anchor Kit


Why not try our SpiraLock set, for a more superior fix into the ground.

silver_anchor_2 copy

AT Deluxe SpiraLock Trampoline Anchor Kit

Weather Cover

Our weather covers are a fantastic way to shield the jumping mat and padding from the elements and air borne debris such as twigs, sap and bird droppings.


Weather Covers

Enclosure Nets

Eventually, wear and tear can leave your enclosure netting looking shabby. All Trampolines offer a wide range of internal and external nets in various sizes.


Plum 10ft External Trampoline Net



Your brightly-coloured padding, whether it is green, blue or pink can fade and wrinkle due to the weather. So treat your trampoline to new padding, and make it look bright and new! The weather covers help to maintain the quality of the colour so this might be a valuable purchase too!


Plum 12ft Trampoline Spring Padding (Green and Blue)


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Trustworthy Trampolines

12ft Magnitude Trampoline and 3G Enclosure Product 30164 LOGO2

Some people are wary of introducing trampolines to their young family in case there is an injury – nobody wants tears during playtime! However, there are many tips and extra precautions that make trampolining safe, secure and super fun.



Anchor kits are great for stabilising your trampoline

  1. Stability – If you are worried the trampoline will wobble and become unsteady when little ones are bouncing, use an anchor kit for extra security. Our anchor kits distribute the tension through attachment to the frame. So even the windiest areas can enjoy a trampoline!
  2. Enclosure Housekeeping – Always ensure the enclosure is free from holes, rips or damage of any kind, as general wear and tear will occur. Replacement nets are available from All Trampolines, and help to keep the trampoline looking like new! We also sell spare padding too, to keep the spring fully padded and protected from feet.
  3. Multiple Players – Having more than one user at one time runs the risk of bumping and falling, so bear this in mind when choosing the size of your trampoline. From 6ft to 15ft, our range of trampolines can accommodate those who want to play with friends and those who want to keep it singular. External enclosure trampolines also provide extra space and jumpers can yield to one another.

evostar-enclosure-netting copy

Enclosure netting is essential when safety is a priority

  1. Lose the Shoes – Utilise a shoe bag to keep footwear clean and safe whilst enjoying the trampoline, so no injuries can be caused by shoes. It can also double up as a holder for mobiles, glasses, watches and any other valuable you want to keep safe!
  2. Bounce in the Middle – Try not to deviate from the centre, as the middle area has the most control over the bounce. Don’t worry about wearing out the springs, as replacements are cheap and keep the trampoline feeling bouncy!

 accessories multi

Our shoe bags and replacement padding are extremely popular

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August Bank Holiday Offers 2013!

Just until the end of this Bank Holiday, selected Plum and JumpKing products are being reduced to unbelievable prices. From Space Zones to Octagonals, the savings are simply fantastic. Here we have listed the items you could be grabbing for a bargain price… Just click the product name to visit the website!


The Plum Trampolines. Perfect for keeping the whole family fit, or as a great garden feature you’re your kids and their friends to enjoy. Featuring the Space Zone, made of high quality steel and includes a unique 3G enclosure that keeps jumpers away from the padding. The Magnitude is an eye-catching trampoline with fish-bowl design – to optimize the full available space for extra jumping area!

 plum-8ft-magnitude-large copy

Plum 8ft Spacezone – now £129.95, was £139.95 / Plum 8ft Magnitude – now £139.95, was £159.95



The JumpKing OctaPODs. These trampolines are something a bit different. The octagonal design allows the jumper more control over their movements and unlike a round trampoline it does not pull the jumpers into the middle. This has proven to reduce accidents! Better for balance and a funky looking trampoline, the OctaPODs are a fantastic purchase.


JumpPod Octagonals

10ftnow £199.95, was £269.95

12ftnow £229.95, was £299.95

14ftnow £279.95, was £339.95

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The History of the Trampoline

Where Does Trampolining Come From?

 12ft Whirlwind Trampoline and 3G Enclosure 30193 Cut Out  - Lifestyle edit

Plum 12ft Whirlwind Trampoline and 3G Enclosure at £249.95 from £329.99


Trampolining has become a common feature of many suburban back gardens; with adults using them as an exercise tool, and kids spending hours practicing their bouncing skills and having fun with their friends. At All Trampolines, we have a big range varying in size, colour and structure. But where did the phenomenon come from?

The first example of people bouncing into the air was the Eskimos, who used walrus skin to throw each other into the air. Some people argue it started here in England, where people were hurled into the air by a blanket. However those materials are not the origins of the polypropylene fabric Permatron trampolines that we sell…

 eskimo trampoline

The Eskimo Tradition


The trampolines we all know and love all started in America. In the 1930′s, gymnast George Nissen developed a trampoline in his garage to practice his diving and tumbling skills. After realizing the potential, he demonstrated his invention during his routines, and so the sport was born!

  george nissen

George Nissen


There are many cool historical facts relating to the trampoline. During World War II the US Navy Flight School utilized trampolines to give their pilots and navigators a practice in orientation. After the war, American and Soviet space agencies trained astronauts in the different body positions using trampolines; an easy and flexible surface to practice on before the mission!

The 1960’s saw the emergence of competitive trampolining and the International Trampoline Federation. The rest is history…

 60s trampoline

Kids enjoying a trampoline in the 1960s


Why not invest in a trampoline for your family and share the interesting history of the sport, making playtime fascinating and engaging!


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Encourage Your Kids to Play Outdoors

Fresh air is good for your kids – it increases their intake of Vitamin D, clears their lungs of impurities, decreases hyperactivity and reduces the risk of depression. These health benefits can be provided by making your garden a safe haven that is full of outdoor fun that keeps their attention.

In our culture of computer games, HD TV and tablets, children are spending between 40 and 60 hours per week engrossed in electrical entertainment. This of course has a negative impact on physical development – it can reduce their balance, cognitive development and muscle development.

Childhood obesity is an obvious issue too, but if your kids spend the evening bouncing on their trampoline or riding their scooter with their friends, they will be exercising without even realizing!

A study by Cambridge University scientists also suggests that staying indoors can affect their eyesight too (no, we don’t mean they will develop square eyes!) – They claim an hour spent outdoors each week can reduce a child’s chance of becoming short-sighted by two per cent.

All Garden Fun and All Trampolines provide thousands of ways to enjoy your outdoor space. Below are some simple gems that we think will encourage your little one to embrace the outdoors!


Plum 10ft Whirlwind Trampoline & Enclosure


A great source of exercise and fun, a trampoline can be enjoyed for many years to come. Especially since our trampoline ranges come in various sizes, so kids can grow into them and adults can join in too! Check out our previous blog about different trampoline moves to keep you and your family active.

Garden Games Hoppin’ Mad


For racing in the garden, this set of 3 Space Hoppers is perfect for getting the family together for some playful competition. In bright, eye-catching colours they will provide entertainment for those wanting group activities. Children can invite their friends to race too. They are adult-sized so there’s no age limit!

Little Tikes Easy Store Basketball Set


 The Little Tikes Easy Store Basketball Set is a sporty toy that encourages kids to play with friends or just practice shooting hoops on their own. With a height range of 150cm to 210cm size and age doesn’t matter! They can learn new skills as well as improve their balance, motor development and fitness. It is bright, colourful and sturdy – a perfect garden or drive-way accessory.

Plum Climbing Pyramid Frame

 plum-climbing-pyramid-large copy

A long-lasting and durable climbing frame for sliding, hiding and scrambling! All wooden parts are covered against wood rot and insect damage for 10 years from the original purchase date. With camouflage side, netting and a big wavy slide, there is something for everyone. Large enough to accommodate multiple children exploring the possibilities of this superb play centre!

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Round vs Octagonal Trampolines

Which is best for you?

10ft Space Zone Tramp & 3G Encl TK 30171

Plum 10ft Space Zone Trampoline and Enclosure (Round)

 At All Trampolines, we like to keep our customers informed on what their options are. A question we often get is, ‘which is best for me’? This blog will look at the differences and benefits between the two most popular trampolines – the round and the octagonal.


To see our extensive round trampoline range, click here.


To see our fantastic octagonal trampoline range, click here.



The Round Trampoline



EvoStar 14ft Deluxe Trampoline and Enclosure Combo


On a round trampoline the springs point towards the middle, making the centre softer. This is great for kids to experiment with a soft landing. It also ensures a certain space between the user and the edge of the mat, as you are naturally drawn towards the middle by the firmness around the outside; reducing the risk of bouncing off! (Why not buy an enclosure net to guarantee no tears?)


With springs working at the same rate, bounces are more stable – perfect for inexperienced users and children of all ages! Practice new moves, exercise with no impact landing, and invite friends to join in  – round trampolines are great for 2 users at a time! The round design brings bundles of fun for the whole family. (Purchase an anchor kit for extra stability!)


Round frames tend to be less expensive due to their light-weight structure. This is because they distribute stress evenly through the round design – think of when you try to crush an egg! They also use less material… A good well-rounded budget purchase.


The Octagonal Trampoline


JumpKing OctaPOD 10ft Octagonal JumpPOD Trampoline and Enclosure 


Bounces tend to be more controlled and therefore superior if you know what you’re doing! Due to the controlled springs, the octagonal trampoline is perfect for simultaneous use – the spring’s criss-cross each other from the 8 straight sides, creating less pressure and reducing the chance of bouncing forward through loss of balance! These trampolines let you land where you took off, rather than back to the centre like their round counterparts.


Having corners on your trampoline is a huge benefit to your bouncing fun or exercise experience.  Every time you jump from the centre the multiple corners make the springs peak at difference times – this creates a smoother bounce and land. The world famous tri-layer socket in our JumpKing OctaPOD range gives a large boost to strength and durability, not to mention safety.


Aesthetically, the octagonal trampolines have a sharp and tidy look. They look unique, quirky and professional too! Your kids can pretend to be a gold medallist trampolinist with smooth, experienced-looking bounces.



 JumpKing 12ft JumpPOD Deluxe Combo Package

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